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Who Are We in Jesus?

Updated: Aug 23

Dear Ones in Jesus,

Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ!

Happy summer time! How is your summer going? The weather sure has been interesting but I haven’t heard any weather person say, “We sure do need some rain!” The grass is lush and green and always seems to need mowing. But wait! In a few short months we will be looking back fondly on these hot, humid days as the cold and snow arrives to keep us company. Is it just me or is winter in Maine really longer than summer in Maine?

This morning I was deeply moved by the devotional article in Our Daily Bread. I hope you are using this book daily or some other similar devotional book along with reading the Bible passage. The article was, “What’s My Purpose?” As we get older and find we can’t do everything that we used to do we can get discouraged and think that our lives are useless. An older man once told me that he felt like he was just taking up space. lf you are still alive (and if you are reading this you are) God has a purpose for your life. Two quotes from the article-“As long as there are people who haven’t heard of Jesus, I must tell them about the Savior.” and, “No matter what our age, background, or circumstances, we have a purpose to tell others about Jesus.” If you’re like me then you have family members and friends who have never invited Jesus Christ into their lives and received Him as their Savior and Lord. They are still in their sin and know not the forgiveness of sin that only Jesus can give. Our responsibility is to pray for them and to seek opportunities to tell them about the love of Jesus for them. Hopefully our lives are showing the difference Jesus makes in our everyday living. May the love of Jesus shine through our lives and help guide them to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. That is really a challenge that makes life worth living! Share the joy of knowing Jesus!!

May we all continue to have a summer of warmth and gladness. The summer attendance at worship has been encouraging along with those who join us online. Keep praying for the members of our Pastoral Search Committee as they now begin to interview candidates for Pastor.

Seek always God’s wisdom and will!

Your friend in our wonderful Savior,

Bob Hinckley

Interim Pastor

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