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  About Us


Our Faith

Ogunquit Baptist Church is an American Baptist Church with a stated mission of sharing the truth of God's word to help change lives for God's purpose and His glory.

Our Congregation

OBC is an intergenerational church that consists primarily of older generations and young adults. We encourage and welcome people of all ages and walks of life to join us. We all have flaws and failings, but we have found salvation, hope and joy in the person of Jesus. He's the one who first found us and who brings us all together.


Our Services

We strive to have an engaging and thought-provoking service centered around God and his teachings. Each service runs roughly an hour and consists of music, scripture, and preaching.


All are welcome to come as they are. We're more concerned with the God we have come to worship and the value of each person who walks through the door than we are about outward appearances. We have a growing children's church program that happens during the sermon after worship.

Our Outreach

Currently OBC is working in the community in several ways. Our current outreach programs are our partnership with the York County Shelter Programs Inc., Fundraisers for Alpha Pregnancy Center, and our growing children's ministry. 

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