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Rev. Dr. Brian Shore 

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  • Writer's pictureRev. Dr. Brian Shore

As I have previously written, you and I find ourselves to be in Sacred Relationship with God. That Sacred Relationship involves a Sacred Calling, Sacred Gifting and Sacred Service. This month I will focus on Sacred Generosity. The transformation of a life by God, through the sacrifice of Christ and the power of His Spirit is indeed SACRED. God does it all. We have been transformed from objects of His wrath to objects of His grace and mercy. Christ sacrificed Himself that we might experience an abundant life. Some are confused about what that abundant life is all about, assuming that abundant is referring to having many things and lots of money with which to enjoy them. Abundance is so much more! Having been saved by Christ’s shed blood, we are also raised out of the muck and mire of life and its consequences, by His power. All of the promises of God and all that we need are provided IN CHRIST JESUS.

As God has been generous with us so are we called to a life of generosity. Certainly, this

involves generosity to the support of the Church as we give as an act of worship but also

generosity to those in need and each other. Acts 2 clearly says that the early church took

care of each other. As Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, he commended them for their generosity in helping other churches in the region that were experiencing famine. Paul in this letter established a powerful principle for generosity that each should decide what they wanted to give and then to do so cheerfully. To me this paints an attitude picture. We believe that God is generous and as we are created in His image, He has planted this generosity DNA in US. It’s how we were created to be and yet we wrestle as humans to be generous with JOY, FREEDOM, and PEACE. When we feel compelled to be generous it can be a sour apple. The journey from a place of fear and guilt to the land of redemptive gratitude and redemptive generosity is not a simple “follow these three steps to financial freedom”! It is indeed a journey and God will empower us and strengthen us, one step at a time.

The movement towards generosity is emotional, practical and spiritual. God has created us to be generous with our LIVES, not just our stuff. I’ll close with this illustration. I know that some of you have heard this story before but please bear with me. I lived at home through college and until I was married at the age of 24. My brother, who is 5 years younger, and I shared a small bedroom. He walked and talked in his sleep. The stories I could tell! Since we shared a room, he erroneously believed that we should share clothes as well. I understand as I wore some pretty cool clothes. Do you remember those platform shoes and cuffed, hip hugger bell bottoms? Righteous! We fought and argued all the time about my clothes until one Sunday when Pastor Jimmie Jackson proclaimed that the stuff we possessed didn’t really belong to us and that God gave us stuff so that we could learn to be good stewards. Glorifying God by how we used things. I became convinced that my clothes were really God’s clothes, went home and told my brother that he was free to wear God’s clothes any time he wanted. He never wore those clothes again. That wasn’t my intent but it worked out....! Withholding, grasping and clinging to that which isn’t ours entangles our lives. Generosity makes us free!

Pastor B

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  • Writer's pictureRev. Dr. Brian Shore

As followers of Jesus, you and I find ourselves to be in Sacred Relationship with God. As I

wrote last month that Sacred Relationship involves a Sacred Calling, Sacred Gifting, Sacred Service, and Sacred Generosity. This month I would like us to consider Sacred Service. Previously I wrote that our Spiritual Gifts and talents are given to build up others and the Body of Christ, the Church. Since our Sacred Calling woos us to make disciples, I would like to suggest that our Sacred Service might be primarily expressed in making disciples, not of the Church but rather of Jesus.

Take a moment and read Matthew 28: 18-20 and then Acts 1:8 and the verses around it. We clearly have a mandate to make disciples, at home and abroad. Heaven will be populated by the nations! There is a difference between making disciples and telling people to be disciples. We tend to stage events for disciple making instead of relationally and intentionally engaging folks in their journey of becoming a disciple. How might we do this as a church? Vicki and I have learned that in our technologically focused society, people are hungry for friendship and so we like to connect with them one on one, over coffee or breakfast. We then invite them into our home to be part of a huddle that eats together, gets to know each other and then talks Bible. We find that building relationships breaks down walls and barriers. We have also discovered that learning happens around the table.The Word of God becomes relevant to real life.

Why am I writing about this? I would like to encourage you to connect with the people who are all around you. Don’t view them as them. They are potential disciples. Meet one on one. Intentionally. Not everyone will be responsive, so ask God to guide you to People of Peace, individuals who you connect to, that you have relational capital with. Invest in them. Intentionally invite them into your home, weekly or monthly. By the way-they don’t care if you have a clean or nice house. They care that you care.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Brian

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  • Writer's pictureRev. Dr. Brian Shore

As followers of Jesus, you and I find ourselves to be in Sacred Relationship with God. As I

wrote last month that Sacred Relationship involves a Sacred Calling, Sacred Gifting, Sacred Service, and Sacred Generosity. To review, Each of us is created to have a Sacred Calling that gives us significance and purpose. We were created for a reason. God would never create us for a purpose without giving us the tools necessary to fulfill that purpose, hence, He makes available to us Sacred Gifting, empowered by His Spirit. As I shared February 18, the Spirit of God comes upon us for special circumstances and lives within us to guide us, comfort us and prepare us for living.

A key part of living is learning to live in community, with others, our families and the

Church. I would encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, 1 Peter 4:10-11. In

those passages it’s clear that God gives us Sacred Gifts to edify or build up those

communities. Spiritual gifts are not given to build us up, but others. God gives those gifts and distributes them as they are needed in the community of faith. Some suggest that we should demand of God certain gifts. Paul suggests that we seek Faith, Hope and Love. In my reading, I’ve become convinced that celibacy is a spiritual gift. I’ve never heard a sermon about seeking that gift. Aside from desiring to serve the body with your gift, demanding a certain gift from God reminds me of the petulant child demanding that one gift (or many) for Christmas. You’ve been there, perhaps as a child, and certainly as a parent or grandparent.

The giving of Sacred Gifts calls for Sacred use of those gifts and the wisdom to use them to the edification of others. I am always amazed that whenever God gives us something or requires something of us, He also makes a way for us. We need wisdom, and so James 1:5-8 encourages us to ask for it and that God will respond by giving us wisdom, wisdom beyond our need. Good golly, Miss Molloy, ain’t God great!

Based upon your reading and reflecting on His Word, what Sacred Gifts has God given you? How do you think God wants you to use them in the context of your Sacred Call. Think on it. God will respond.

Pastor Brian

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