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The Shoreline

As followers of Christ, you and I have entered in to a sacred relationship with God. That

sacred relationship involves a sacred call, sacred gifting, sacred service, and sacred


I would encourage you to read Exodus 3. There you will find God’s call upon the life of

Moses. When God said to Moses “you will lead my people out of bondage”, the natural

response of Moses was to say “I’m not worthy or qualified”. I think that we all might

respond in this way. I felt the same way when God called me to ministry. God had to show me as He did Moses that he had a plan for me (Ps 139) and that He would equip me for that plan as He had promised Moses. I felt as Jeremiah (4:19), that I could not keep silent and was called to proclaim God’s word. I would like to suggest that God has a sacred calling for our church as well. It’s been around for awhile, wouldn’t you agree? We have continued to proclaim the name of Jesus. Lives have been changed. We have the sacred call as a church to make disciples. This sacred calling is not just for our church, it is for us as well, as individuals. You and I might respond but I’m not worthy or qualified. If we will surrender to His sacred call He will equip us and empower us to such a life.

I might have shared this illustration with some of you previously but repetition is good for our memory? I own a pickup truck and I’ve been known to pick up other folk’s rejected furniture from the curb, perhaps here I’ll join my cousin at the dump. Yes, I’m a curb shopper. When I find these castoffs, I view them as treasures. I take them home and in my workshop restore them to beauty and usefulness. I think that God might just own a pickup as well. His is probably paid for. He drives it around and looks for other folk’s castoffs and takes them to His workshop redeeming them to beauty and usefulness. And so it is with God’s sacred call upon our lives.

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