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“Jesus answered, ‘I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.” John 6:26


Sunday, October 3rd, from 1-3 pm OBC will hold our first Tech Workshop. We have a wonderful group of volunteers ready to help people with their smartphones, tablets and laptops. As you know, this workshop is part of our new outreach to older folks in our community, the largest demographic in the Ogunquit area. The idea is first, to genuinely be of help and service to those in our community, and second, to get to know the people in our community and to let them to get to know us. Of course, we pray that the Lord will lead them to visit on a Sunday morning, and/or to strike up a spiritual conversation with us at or after one of these events. Jesus did this. He travelled all around Israel, healing, helping and even feeding those who were in need. And people followed him and wanted to know more about him because of it! We are embarking on a similar path!


I’m asking you to please attend this first Tech Workshop if you possibly can. Also, after reading this Pastor’s Page, would you ask God to point out to you a neighbor or friend that you could invite to come along with you to this event? We have a wonderful group of friendly experts and teachers ready to help, including my brother Doug Patnaude, who is Senior Software Developer and help desk specialist at Burgess Technology Solutions in Bath, ME! Please also pray for the event! That God would use it to gather around OBC a large group of those who are beginning to seek to know Him!


“While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” came and ate with him and his disciples.” Matthew 9:10


Sunday, October 24th from 11AM to 2 PM OBC will hold our first Community Luncheon. We plan to hold one monthly from now on. The idea behind these luncheons is fellowship, but not just among church members! We want to fellowship with members of our community! We want to fellowship with your friends and neighbors! So please invite them and bring them! Yes, it is on Sunday a little bit after church, but they do not have to attend church to come to it! Again, we want to get to know people in our community, and to introduce them to us and our church, just like Matthew (the tax collector turned disciple) invited a bunch of his friends over to his house to meet Jesus and his disciples in Matthew 9:10 above. There will be a light lunch, but as you can see, we’ve set aside three hours for this event. The idea is for everyone to just sit around talking, fellowshipping and getting to know one another. It’s meant to be like a party—like the “Matthew Party” of Matthew 9:10. Everyone should feel free to come and go as they can during those three hours. Your friend can’t be there until 12:30 pm? No problem! Your neighbor can only stay for an hour or so? That’s fine! We just want them to come and meet us and get to know us a little! So, again, I ask you, please pray and ask the Lord who you might invite to this first OBC Community Luncheon!


As we step out in faith with these two new ministries, let’s all remember our church and our community in constant prayer—that the Lord would use us to bless and reach many with the abundant life that comes from knowing Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Amen!

In Him,

Pastor Jeff