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Do not be afraid, land of Judah;

be glad and rejoice.

Surely the Lord has done great things!

Do not be afraid, you wild animals,

for the pastures in the wilderness are becoming green.

The trees are bearing their fruit;

the fig tree and the vine yield their riches.

Be glad, people of Zion,

rejoice in the Lord your God,

for he has given you the autumn rains

because he is faithful.

He sends you abundant showers,

both autumn and spring rains, as before.

The threshing floors will be filled with grain;

the vats will overflow with new wine and oil.

-Joel 2:21-24 (NIV)


Spring has come! I am having a great time coaching High School track this spring. I’m coaching the throwing events—Discus, Shotput and Javelin—as I threw them when I was in High School long ago. It’s great to get to know an awesome group of young men and women and to see them make progress as they work hard to train and learn throwing technique!


When we started practicing about 3 weeks ago, it was cold! We wore layers and still shivered. This Discus circle, which is way over by the woods at WJHS, was practically underwater. But this week it has been wonderful out there! The Discus circle is mostly dry and usable and the sun has been shining and warm! After the cold and snow of winter, spring has returned!


In the above passage from the prophet Joel, God promises that after trouble comes upon Israel, there will be a new spring of God’s blessing! That just as God is faithful to bring the spring after the cold, dark winter, He will also bring blessing to Israel again.


Since God is faithful to all His creation, to all His people, this promise is true for us as well! We have been through a dark winter of trouble for the last 13 months. But it will not last forever! Just as God brings the spring again each year, demonstrating His faithfulness to all creation, He will bring blessing in an end to COVID. He has seen us through this difficult time and has blessed us with vaccines and hope. As the bright, warm sun of spring and summer illuminates our days, let us remember that the end to a time of darkness is on the horizon! May the light of dawn, the flowers of spring, the end of trouble come very soon!


In Christ, Pastor Jeff