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Pastor's Thoughts

Pastor’s Page

We had a great time at the kids’ drama team this week setting up the Christmas “giving” tree you’ll see in the fellowship hall. The kids made ornaments and we played some Christmas music—and I couldn’t help but sing along some (and embarrass my own children in the process probably)! It is truly a blessing to be able to help others during the Christmas season. There really IS a spirit of giving and of joy that surrounds the season…and a desire to see others have a “Merry Christmas”. I think it must be because we know what an amazing event we celebrate on December 25th each year. So we want to help others, especially at Christmastime, because of how God has helped us. Jesus came into the world—our helper, our savior, God’s love made flesh—to rescue us from death. When we realize what God has done, we can’t help but be grateful and that gratitude turns into a desire to help and perhaps even rescue others. We give gifts at Christmastime because we have received an awesome gift. We share love because God so loved us that He sent His Son. Peace on Earth, goodwill to mankind!

“Actions speak louder than words” the old saying goes. I think that’s what makes Christmastime “the most wonderful time of the year”, because it reveals God’s love and desire to be reconciled with us in a very tangible way. The Baby Jesus is God’s love for us made flesh. In Him we know God’s love in a way we never could if someone only told us that God loves us. In the incarnation of the Son of God and in His subsequent works of love and sacrifice for us, we can truly see what the depth of God’s love is! His actions speak louder than any words! That God loves us so deeply is amazing and life changing! Christmas reminds us afresh each year of this great love. If we let that reminder truly sink into our minds and hearts again this year, our spirits will explode with joy and an outpouring of the same love to others! And so we will give gifts to those in need and presents to those we love, not because that’s just what you’ve gotta do at Christmas, but out of joy and a desire to be like our God, who gave us Himself and poured out His love upon us on the night Jesus was born.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Jeff